I think my lack of willingness to meet people that I’d like to meet is in part from not being bothered by loneliness. Not that I prefer loneliness, I just don’t do much to deter it. I don’t mind it.


I went to kokoro (Japanese restaurant, downtown Salinas) and at first I was standing outside still contemplating whether I should go in or not. Then the waiter inside saw me, and motioned me in.

When I got inside the guy standing of the seated podium asks “what can I do for you”. And I have never witnessed this situation with this question. I stood there quite confused until I replied, “I…..want….to eat something”.

Then the man showed me to my table

I’m gonna tell my stories here

So I’m standing at a bus stop waiting for the 95. But the 41 was coming like it was almost there. I waved once to signal ‘not me man’ but I guess he didn’t see it. He made a gesture that kinda said, ‘you want to get on?’. Which was probably the result of my worried positioning. I waved again to say ‘no no, not me’. Then he pointed back at me, ‘you got it dude’. I pointed back as if to say ‘um….Idk what else to gesture, so back at you’. Then he continued his route.

I’m tired and procrastinating till tomorrow, hi wordpress

WordPress please
its getting late.
You’re good for me
but i have to concentrate

I’m passing the times
While I’m passing these rhymes
To a place you decide
as you live through your lives.

But don’t tell lies as you start to die.
Your burning cries
the whispers goodbyes.
Ponder on as you see time fly
And hug the ones who touched your cries

4-lined rhythm to catch your eye
pressing words into your mind
pushing your sense of the sound of I like Y
I try and try to pry the sky till my mind’s eye is satisfied


So i found myself back on wordprss becuase i was going through my delete pile in my email becuase i accidentally deleted something last night (couldn’t find it), and stumbled upon old messages that i deleted ages ago that are somehow still in my trash. Which is weird becuase the message i deleted last night was not.

I planned on returning to tell of all the crazy normal stuff that has happened since….my last post…i guess. But another time. I’ll try to use this more, but i say that a lot…………

I was looking back at my old posts and, well…


I’m doing this now

I need something greater than my mind’s
Imagination telling me what is right or wrong
To feel or be inflicted by passer by feeling
Down in the depths of a great fear

We can have cheer
In a group feeling
Smile faces smearing
Our greater fought for feelings
Stearing us back
To a pile of depression sensed sections
Life has yet to answer question
But never has a good message

Give me something
Like a ‘ Yes ‘
If you say I’m blessed
External spects
My innards
A creation of civil unrest